How Much Does Landscaping Cost Monthly?

Learn about the monthly cost of landscaping for lawn care & garden maintenance. Find out how much it costs to design & maintain a beautiful landscape.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost Monthly?
Gardening and landscaping are essential for keeping your outdoor space looking beautiful and healthy. The cost of lawn care depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the patio, the materials used, and the type of landscaping you want. Common landscaping materials can help you design gardens on a budget, while professional services such as landscaping design may be necessary for certain projects. Trees and shrubs can also increase property value, with homeowners getting a 109% return on their investment.

When it comes to lawn care, there are several parameters to consider. These include region, labor costs, material costs, size of the patio, and weather conditions. A lawn care provider will usually provide a quote after inspecting your property and all the area and work it requires.

Designing and maintaining a beautiful landscape involves more than just cutting and watering the yard. It may involve planting trees and shrubs, establishing evergreen beds, incorporating paths and lighting, and adding live plants to improve air quality. Construction projects such as installing retaining walls may require the services of an architect or landscape engineer, which will increase costs.

Choosing the right grass, shrubs, and trees and keeping them healthy requires horticultural knowledge, so hiring a landscape professional is often money well spent. Talk to an experienced landscape architect about trees that grow quickly and give you the look or benefit you hope to achieve. Outdoor living spaces in the backyard, automatic sprinkler systems, front paths, and functional outdoor lighting are some of the best landscape features to increase property value.

Some garden construction projects require additional professional services such as landscaping design approved by an architect or engineer. Adding a small fountain to a garden bed will be less expensive than building a pond area in your garden. Gentle landscaping refers to the plant elements of a landscape and often involves flowers, shrubs, and trees that require services such as weed management, planting, and cutting.