10 Ways for Landscapers to Make Money in the Winter

Winter doesn't have to be a slow season for landscapers! From snow plowing to installing holiday lights, there are plenty of ways for landscapers to make money during cold months.

10 Ways for Landscapers to Make Money in the Winter

As a landscaper, you may think that winter is a time to take a break from work. However, there are plenty of ways to make money during the cold months. From snow plowing to installing holiday lights, there are many opportunities for landscapers to make money in the winter.

One of the most popular winter services for landscapers is leaf removal. This is a great way to do ongoing business during the off-season that doesn't depend on snowfall. While many customers opt for a one-time clean in late fall, many others, especially those with lots of trees on their property, will want to remove leaves regularly throughout the season. Depending on how late in the year the trees in your area are bare, this could mean up to eight cleanings for these customers. If you decide this is the right move for your business, you'll also need to create a recall schedule that will keep your customers happy.

Most people want to leave their lights on until New Year's Day, but they want them to turn off before January 31. Installing holiday lights can be extremely cost-effective for landscapers or lawn care providers, but it's important to remember that it's a short holiday season. Most customers want their lights to turn on no later than December 1 and have them removed by January 31. Make sure you don't overbook your services for these tight deadlines.

Snow plowing is another standard job that northern landscapers work on when the weather is too extreme for landscaping. Global Warming Has Had an Effect on Winter Weather in the United States and the World; It's Changing. Some northern cities receive more than 50% of their snow per season, while others have extreme cold waves with temperatures that drop well below zero, and others have virtually no snow.

In addition to snow plowing and leaf removal, here are 10 other ways for landscapers to make money in the winter:

  • Plant or transplant shrubs - As long as the soil isn't completely frozen, winter is the perfect time to plant or transplant shrubs, especially for customers with large patios.
  • Pruning - Pruning trees and other plants can help them stay healthy and look their best.
  • Planning new gardens or future renovations - Winter is a great time to plan out new gardens or renovations that can be done in spring.
  • Planting winter annuals - Planting winter annuals can help brighten up a garden during the cold months.
  • Raking soil - Raking soil can help prepare it for planting in spring.
  • Caring for harsh landscapes - Landscapers can take care of sidewalks, stairs, and patios that become hazardous when covered with ice or snow.
  • Attending trade shows and conferences - Many landscape business owners attend trade shows, conferences, and industry events during the winter months.
  • Storing customer lights - Some landscaping companies even offer to store customer lights until next year for a fee.
  • Winterizing gardens - At the end of the fall season, winterizing the garden is one of the best winter jobs for lawn care business owners.
  • Offering discounts - Some lawn care customers prefer to start working in the garden in winter because most lawn care companies tend to offer discounts due to reduced demand.

The next time you're seated once December 1 arrives, try some of these winter work ideas for landscapers and see how much your bank account thanks you. Working as a landscaper and owning your own business is a rewarding job, as you are given the opportunity to transform patios into beautiful masterpieces.